… is what my mouth is on thanks to this yummy curried cauliflower and sweet potato soup concocted by this amazing lady!

First post and the first line is food-related.. you can guess what one of my main rants will be. 🙂

I decided to start a blog for a simple reason: people! I love, love meeting new people who share the same passions as I and am way open-minded to new ones. (Just not of the smoking and stumbling around half-dressed kind! Unless you’re baby, then it’d be unnatural for you to be fully clothed and walking upright with a gangster lean. 🙂 ) But yes! My passions may sound unoriginal, but they keep me going: Food, health + fitness, friends, adventures and just doing what makes me get that ” high on life” feeling. I’m a strong believer that you do not need put anything in your body (besides delicious goodies) that will alter it’s mental or physical state. Want that same feeling? Run a mile! Laugh with friends  until your stomach hurts so bad and tears start spewing from your eyes! Bake or cook something SO simple that when you make it you scream as if you’ve just created electricity. (I do this a lot, like when I made homemade almond butter.. my poor neighbors.)

Any whoooooo! I’m very, very excited to be here, to share my life and explore yours. 🙂 Questions and comments are welcome with a big bear hug.